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The Seattle Times

Tukwila officers turn immigrant over to ICE after he called them for help. Was that legal?

 Do feds have evidence that detained Dreamer is a gang member beyond tattoo?

Seattle judge won’t immediately release ‘Dreamer’ from detention center

Lawyers for detained ‘Dreamer’ claim feds altered note to boost gang accusation


NPR News

Seattle attorney behind Dreamer case is a Dreamer himself

Feds can’t say this ‘dreamer’ is a gang member — for now

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Vice News
Trump's DACA Decision Has Dreamers Unsure Of Their Futures (HBO)

Pbs News Hour
In the fight to defend ‘Dreamers,’ this lawyer has a personal stake

"Sentí que un peso se me había quitado de encima": abogado y soñador recuerda el inició de DACA

Demandada la Casa Blanca por la eliminación de DACA | Enfoque | Noticias Telemundo

Police answered immigrant's call for help, then gave him to ICE